Christopher Pecoraro

Guitar Player / 24"x24" oil on panel / 2008

Artist Statement 

As a youth I showed promise as a  painter but chose to pursue a theatrical career instead. For several years I did exactly that. My journey culminated in performing leading roles in Broadway musicals as well as numerous other venues throughout the country. After a while I decided to embark upon a new career in Real Estate management and development. While experiences in the field taught me a great deal about my “practical” self, I felt like something was amiss. I remembered that as an actor I was an artist and  being creative was imperative. It was time to get back to it!

By taking up the paintbrush I discovered a wonderful outlet for expression. I gravitated to oil on canvas and am now creating woodcut relief prints and watercolors as well. I have recently found myself developing characters and stories in my work. Very much like the journey of a protagonist on stage. Sometimes I even begin a painting on a certain track only to discover, through a dialog with the piece, that it wants to evolve into something else. It could be an expansion of the original theme or a complete departure. The painting is ready to show only when we both are in agreement.

Through my artwork I intend to share with the viewer an intimate glimpse into my soul. Whether it’s in response to a Shakespearian sonnet, an appreciation for the beauty of nature, or a simple observation of some unresolved aspect of life, the art that I produce will be the result of experience, inquiry and discovery.